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Visit the Gallery

Check out the gallery. Online print and original art store in the works! Standby..

Get your own ArtStoreFront

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“Every child is an artist, the problem is staying an artist when you grow up.”

– Pablo Picasso

An Unprecedented Sponsorship Opportunity
for local Missouri businesses and artists!

    The Mission

    To support local artists and accelerate entrepreneurship.

    Art directly impacts the local economy. It adds culture to the community brand inspiring people to visit and shop there. However, only 10% of artists are supporting themselves with their talent.

    Together we will empower artists and connect them to their community and the world online.

    The Unique Community Art Magazine

    Show Me Artists produces a quarterly direct mailed 28 page magazine featuring local and Missouri based artist spotlights with QR codes to purchase their art online. We are launching in one Missouri community at a time as we establish a foundation of sponsors and fundraising efforts. The magazine is designed to be mailed to your entire community and surrounding rural area, including every household and business in the local postal routes.


    Only 1 in 10 artists support themselves with their art. We will change that together.


    Connect with your local audience through a unique print magazine and shared social posts.


    Engage families with fresh positive content. Nothing cool comes in the mail. This is unique and actionable.

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