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In 2020, over 288 million people surfed the web in the US alone and spent over $861 billion online, up 44% from the previous year. That’s the highest annual U.S. E-commerce growth in over two decades and nearly triple the 15% jump in 2019. The internet and social media have changed the way businesses are defined and how fast their reputation spreads.

Solarium offers digital marketing solutions that enable you to monitor and control your entire online presence from a single dashboard.


Our suite of small business tools puts you in total control and keeps you connected.



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Full Scale Creative Solutions


Take control of your online marketing efforts with our streamlined simple DIY tools. With our user friendly software, you can manage all aspects of your brand’s online presence from a single dashboard. Custom upgrades are available to scale as needed.


From building a unique website and social media presence to managing your online reputation, our team will take over all your marketing needs effortlessly. We can custom tailor our services to meet your business goals. Contact us for a custom quote! 


As much or as little as you need, we can custom tailer a creative solution for you. We offer marketing and advertising campaigns, brand development, in house workshops, as well as full multimedia and print production capabilities. 

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Take Control of Your Online Presence

Whether you are looking to kickstart your online business or revamp your existing online presence, we offer all the digital tools and solutions your business needs to excel in three key areas of digital growth and success.


90% of consumers say they will only use a business if they have an average rating of 3-5 stars, while 80% of Americans use social media and will pay a premium for brands with excellent online service. From customer communication to reputation and social media management services, we will refine your digital presence and ensure every interaction customers have with your brand is positive and memorable.


80% of consumers prefer to learn about your business through custom online content. High-quality content shows your clients you know what you are talking about, builds brand credibility, and increases brand exposure by 50%. From blog posts to engaging videos, our talented team will create content that will showcase your expertise and tell your authentic story.


Reach 20% more of the population with an ADA-compliant website. Make it easy for customers to find you with accurate and consistent listings across 60 plus sites, SEO and mobile-optimized websites, and an engaging social media presence.

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