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Your Customers Are Online. Where Are You?

Protect your business.  Become Accessible.  Reach New Customers.


The totally free, no pressure, Online Snapshot Report will give you a roadmap to help navigate the digital journey ahead of you.

The Power of Perspective will set you free.

Quickly identify the gaps in your current marketing efforts and find out how to optimize your digital presence for better visibility and more traffic.

How do you build a sustainable marketing platform?

Take Control of Your Reputation

Build, claim, and manage over 60 online business directories from a single dashboard.

Build a Professional Web Presence

Create an ecommerce website that’s optimized for ADA compliance and establish yourself on the primary social platforms your customers use.

Create a Foundation of Custom Content

Quality educational content is the foundation of all good marketing strategies.  It will build trust while also telling your story.

Solarium offers a full suite of tools that enable you to take control of your entire online presence, from a single dashboard.


Customer Communication

Tools to connect your business to your audience


ADA Compliance

A.I. powered ADA compliance management and monitoring

1Web Design1

Web Design & Hosting

Full service web design, hosting, and maintenance



Solutions to get you selling online quickly


Social Marketing

A centralized portal for social media platforms


Reputation Management

Comprehensive review tracking and review request automation


Local Business Listings

Accurate online listings for one or many locations

1Web Design1

Content Marketing

Video-first marketing strategies, graphics, blogs, and social posts


Digital Advertising

Complete digital and print advertising campaign management



Services and products to get you found online

Who are we?

Solarium Productions, LLC. was founded in 2008 as a small freelance design team.  Over the years we have been researching and developing solutions to help the businesses and communities around us engage in the massive opportunities on the web. Today, we are building a Midwest Marketing Studio and have developed a suite of tools that will empower small business and help local communities thrive.

We are passionate about creating synergy in the local economies around us and in our great state of Missouri. Solarium is an agile team of creative thinkers with a knack for discovering new unique opportunities within an existing business or marketing system. We identify hidden resources and strategic leverage hiding in plain sight.

The future is bright for us all. Small businesses need to take note and get online, completely, correctly. Together we can boost your business and empower the community.

Our Mission: Save Local

If more local businesses get activated online correctly, then more money will stay local and even more will be attracted to the community through out of town online commerce.

The key to “Shopping Local” is Local-Online.

We help businesses get online Correctly, so that they are easy to find and so they can take advantage of the true power of the internet and search engines.

Spotlight your business!

Your business has a story, tell it with video! Showcase your mission and commitment to customer service with a unique Behind The Scenes video that will build trust and engage on a personal level.

We are creating a Missouri Small Business Independent Film Series to highlight the people and organizations in this great state.

We want to empower communities to drive their own economic development through Ecommerce and Hyper Local marketing strategies.

We can ride the digital wave together.


  • Graphic Design
  • Video Production
  • Web Development
  • Premium Printing
  • Custom Apparel
  • Packaging & Fulfillment
  • Ecommerce & Merchandising
  • Social Media
  • Digital Ad Campaigns
  • Signs & Billboards
  • Public Relations
  • Market Research
  • Product Photography
  • Corporate Branding


Creative Development Work


Ready to Take Control?

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