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An Unprecedented Opportunity for local Missouri businesses and artists!

Sponshorship Overview


Why this is important:

    • Only 1 in 10 artists are working in their trade and are challenged with getting quality exposure both locally and online. 
    • We are connecting local artists with their community and creating a movement by using art as a catalyst to boost economic development in local communities. 
    • We are dedicated to amplifying local art to make it easy for the public to view and purchase from local artists.
    • When the community is infused with art and creativity, it fosters connection and growth.
    • Art brings us back to the present moment. It allows us to center our hearts and to create a richer connection within our community. 

What we need:

    • Help us offset costs for publishing and distributing the new local art magazine.
    • We are capable of launching in any Missouri city that has enough sponsors and artists to publish a complete magazine.
    • We welcome collaboration with local art collectives and chambers of commerce. Let’s work together!

What you get:

    • A custom professionally designed ad graphic and traceable QR code in the magazine and an online landing page or direct link to your website..
    • Upgrade your sponsorship with video to get a custom media library of content.

Why Direct Mail?

    • Direct mail is a natural publishing and distribution platform for our business that’s built on graphic design service.
    • A printed direct mailed art magazine makes it extremely easy to view and purchase local art online. 
    • Splitting the cost of a tangible magazine is an efficient way to engage the community as a whole and create unique memorable exposure.
    • The USPS Every Door Direct Mail program guarantees delivery to your entire community and surrounding area, including every household, P.O. box, and local businesses on the postal routes.
    • Not being a traditional “junk mail ad” dramatically improves interaction. Digital ads, social posts and emails are easily overlooked. Because this is fresh, positive and interesting, the physical magazine is highly unlikely to be discarded without looking through it.
    • The magazine is a quarterly publication and will grow into a monthly program with additional special editions distributed through other platforms like newspaper inserts, expanded galleries, and in opt-in special editions.
    • This combined-sponsor-artist exposure is a fraction of the cost for each party than to distribute an ad individually to that audience size.

Support local artists and have a positive impact on your community.
It’s simple to sponsor and it’s for a good cause!

Why a print magazine?

Because nothing cool comes in the mail anymore!

Magazines are viewed page by page and not scrolled past like on a screen. This super-sensory reading experience improves memory and brand name retention. Magazines are often shared with others or left in places for other readers to see.


Magazine ads should be a crucial part of your marketing campaign.

It’s worth remembering that book sales are increasing as people have missed the feeling of reading through print rather than on a digital screen.


The power of design.

Magazines have an established design aesthetic that people connect with more than websites. When someone sees your ad in a magazine they are more likely to remember it simply because printed literature is psychologically more memorable than digital. This is also hyper local, relevant, positive, and actionable.



Online ads are dismissed in a fraction of a second before scrolling on. People keep their favorite magazines until the next edition comes out or longer, picking it up many times. Magazines are passed between people more often than thrown away.



The majority of people view online content on their phones, often while doing something else. They will never be as engaged with the content as they are when they sit down to flip through a magazine. Your ad is far more likely to be noticed and remembered than it is online.



It’s hard to trust what’s on social media. For years now, research has proven that what people read in print has more credibility than what they read online.


In order to provide the best service to the public we have established basic guidelines for both artists and sponsors to be featured in the print magazine. Because this will be mass mailed to the public we must take note of the kind of content that families will be exposed to. While there are always exceptions, we will curate the magazine to best represent the known local talent in the area while maintaining a positive family-friendly platform. 


  • We will NOT accept any content that contains questionable material for kids, violent themes, explicit drug use or paraphernalia, recognizable likenesses of people, copyrighted material, graphic violence, nudity. 
  • This is a positive family and community focused publication that also seeks to engage with the youth and schools. All art will be individually reviewed to ensure sponsors, the public and artists have a neutral relation with one another. All published material will be at the sole discretion of Show Me Artists board of directors.
  • Professional prints and framing is the hallmark of our service. Artists must have high quality digital images of their art to be included. Original pieces and physical hand crafted items are eligible as long as it is easy for the public to purchase either from the gallery or directly from the artist.
  • Artists can submit up to 25 pieces for approval in the gallery at any one time, while only 5 pieces from each artist will be featured in the magazine and art store. This allows us to cycle fresh content and keep the platform interesting. This includes physical sculptures and handmade items. Custom/commissioned art and crafting services are acceptable.


  • Only businesses within the local postal codes of the mailing (and the immediate surrounding rural area) will be included in that community’s magazine. This ensures that local businesses get quality hyper local exposure.
  • All sponsors must be Locally Owned to be included. Exceptions will be made for businesses in the community that wish to “pay it forward” and purchase an additional ad for a local family business. It’s critical that our local small businesses have an edge in the community for the best chance at surviving through tough economic times.
  • A business without a local target audience can still benefit from this direct public awareness. Keep in mind local family households are the foundation of society and include business owners, their staff, future employees, donors, investors, the youth and future customers in that area. General positive messages of support or an ad for employment would be beneficial for larger commercial or industrial businesses.
  • Each Sponsor Ad is custom and approved by the business before being published. Sponsors will receive high resolution print ready and editable design files.
  • As this is a family focused publication distributed to the local public, certain businesses and products/services are ineligible for sponsorship such as: any business that requires its customers to be age 18+ to enter or to purchase the majority of its items for sale.
  • This generally includes Tobacco & Liquor Stores, Drug Stores, Firearm Dealers and Adult Stores.
  • To maintain neutral ground in the community we generally do not include Political Campaigns or Governmental and Religious Organizations, unless they directly promote a holistic and local community-wide interest.
  • Fuel Stations, Bars, Breweries, Distilleries and Wineries may be approved with food related messaging.
  • There may be unique exceptions approved on a case by case basis. All published material will be at the sole discretion of Show Me Artists board of directors. Have a question? Please reach out to us!

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